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It is confirmed that the former president of the United States of America, President George H.W. who after the end of the Cold War presided over the office and routed the Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi army, who from records lost a chance for the second term after breaking the no new taxes pledge for the U.S. citizens died late on Friday at the age of 94.

Bush, who in records is the 41st president of the U.S., who in records lived longer than any predecessors, possessed the most impressive resumes and far as the American political history is concerned. According to a statement from a source close to Bush family said that he died peacefully in his home located in Houston. His death occurred at exactly 10:10 p.m. Central time equivalent to 0410 GMT.

His death which was initially announced by Jim McGrath in a briefing statement which he offered saying that the funeral arrangements have not yet been scheduled but are being worked on. However, no further information was disclosed nor immediately available as far as the circumstances of his death are concerned.

From his history, President George H.W was the father to former President George W. Bush, who down the U.S. history served for two terms inside the White House in the year 2000, together with Jeb Bush, the former Florida Governor, who according to reports unsuccessfully sought the Republican nomination for president in the year 2016.

In accordance to this, in a statement, George W. Bush said that Bush entire family is deeply grateful for his 41 years of love and life, for the compassion of all those people who had cared and more so prayed for their Dad, and mostly for their condolences from our friends and the fellow citizens of United States of America.

According to the citizen, he was an elder, and more so a Republican just like his sons, who served the U.S. as vice president for eight years at the time of Ronald Reagan for his two terms as the president, just before his election to the White House.

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