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China is Tracking Electric Cars

The state of China has been going through a lot recently, and not everything is positive for one of the largest economies of the world. They have been continuously increasing the surveillance of their citizens. Starting from their project on giving its citizens “social credit system” that might punish you if you’re a terrible driver or smoking in areas where you’re not supposed to, the punishments could be banning you to travel by train or airplane.

The latest shock had come when it was learned that all the manufacturers of electric cars were asked by the Chinese government to give information about the whereabouts of the vehicles regularly.

According to the Chinese officials, the data that they receive is only used to improve public safety, preventing fraud in subsidy programs, infrastructure planning and also facilitating industrial development. This doesn’t happen in other countries that have a huge market for electric vehicles. Europe, the US, and Japan do not ask for this kind of data.

This move has been criticized widely since it implies that the Chinese government can increase the surveillance of the country. Under the rule of the President Xi Jinping, the Asian country has become one giant surveillance arena where the cameras see every move, and the right to privacy has been violated continuously.

The worst part about this is with electric cars you can learn even more data than just the current location of that car. While this move has shocked many people, it’s something that people have learned to expect from the Chinese government.

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