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Apple to hold back until at least 2020 to release 5G iPhone

Recent reports claim that Apple Inc. plans to wait until at least 2020 to release a 5G iPhone. The phone is set to offer connectivity to the next generation of high-speed phone services coming next year.

The delay, however, may give Apple’s rivals an upper hand in winning over customers. Competitors like Samsung Electronics Co. are likely to draw in consumers to phones that connect to the 5G network. The phones will provide a leap forward in mobile data speeds as soon as they enter the market in 2019.

Regarding the two previous generations of mobile technology, 3G and 4G, Apple will also need to hold off on access. The tech company will wait a year after the initial deployment of the new networks before their products access them. This was reported by sources who asked to remain anonymous while discussing the company’s plans.

Apple’s previous calculations showed that the new networks and first versions of rival smartphones would come with hurdles. The estimates were proven correct and indicated problems such as spotty coverage. This is a facet that will make consumers less convinced to move to 5G immediately. However, 5G boosters argue that the speed upgrade is more significant this time compared to previous statistics. Therefore, Apple’s decision to wait may be a considerable risk. This is because the new network will create a market for new types of mobile computing.

“Apple has always been a laggard in cellular technology,” stated Mark Hung, an analyst at Gartner Inc. “They weren’t impacted in the past, but 5G is going to be much easier to market. But if they wait beyond 2020, then I think they will be impacted.”

The leap from 4G to 5G is highly significant in the tech world. Samsung already plans to have 5G smartphones in its Galaxy series this coming year. Also, China’s major producers, Oppo, and Huawei Technologies Co have stated they plan to offer 5G phones.

With Apple’s pressure to maintain its iPhone customers, the decision to hold off on 5G could be a considerable risk.

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