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High School Basketball Player with Epilepsy Gets Taunted at Indiana Game

If you are social media savvy right now, You’ll easily stumble on the video of an epileptic player being taunted by a student at an Indiana high school basketball game on Friday night.

The match between central grove high school and cathedral high school experienced a James Franklin Jr free throw shot just before the painful the fall of the kid as he had a seizure, shaking vigorously.

His mother Tameika Franklin was interviewed and did not fail to show her pain and hut as she said ” To see that night (Friday) was disgusting and hurtful “

She further explained all that has been done in to bring the seizure to close and all the sacrifices involved. In her words, she mentioned that James Franklin at a point took eleven medications a day which did not eventually give a yielding result and had to be put up for surgery. A successful operation performed by Dr. Jody Smith in August 2017 at Riley children’s hospital.

James Franklin shared with the public how the people are making a jest of him. In his sincere statement, it doesn’t think they would have mocked him if they knew.

Center Grove high school also spoke regarding this incident as they put off all shady comments by saying the event does not represent the school. The Indiana high school athletic association also took to their Twitter page to explain that they are communicating with the administrations of both schools.

James Franklin mother, Tameika Franklin confirmed later that these students have apologized and all now seem good!

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