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SpaceX Falcon carries famous people’s remains to the moon

When Elon Musk’s massive Falcon Heavy rocket lifts off for just the third time Monday night, it will likely be carrying the remains of over 100 earthlings to orbit. Spaceflight memorial company Celestis is sending individual canisters containing the cremated remains of its shoppers into space, the place they’ll orbit our planet till their cosmic urns ultimately re-enter Earth’s environment and expend identical to a capturing star.

Dubbed the Heritage Flight, the cremains is hosted by the General Atomics Orbital Test Bed, which is only one of 24 satellites set to launch atop Falcon Heavy from Florida’s Kennedy Space Center.

Celestis has been sending family members to the past for over 20 years, even offering a similar service for beloved pets.

Among the many people to be memorialized this week is Bill Pogue, a NASA astronaut who was on the support crew for the historic Apollo 11 moon touchdown mission in 1969. Pogue later spent 84 days aboard the Skylab space station, setting spaceflight endurance and distance data on time.

Additionally on the Heritage Flight is Masaru Tomita, who was a two-time all-star participant in Japan’s Nippon Pro Baseball league, and Marj Kreuger, who worked for NASA within the 1960s and revealed each science fiction and technical, scientific papers, together with one about the usage of nuclear energy in space.

Memorial biographies for over 120 of the people aboard the flight are available online, and so they’re fairly fascinating reads.

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