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General Motors Cutting Jobs- US Disappointed by Chinese Trade

White House almost angered with GM

After the American Giant, General Motors has announced that they will be cutting jobs in thousands, the White House has said that they are disappointed. Larry Kudlow, who is the White House’s National Economic Council director has said that it was “a tremendous amount of disappointment maybe even spilling over into anger.” The decision to cut jobs came after General Motors has announced that they were giving up on the older car models that they had while they were trying to focus more on electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles. It’s worth mentioning that President Trump’s policy has been to push the domestic companies to invest more in US jobs while trying to reduce the number of jobs that were being outsourced to other countries where the manual labor is a lot cheaper than producing in the USA.

The US continues to be “disappointed” by China regarding trade

The White House has said that they are against the fact that the Chinese President wants to wait out the US President regarding disputes that these two countries have had lately. Larry Kudrow, the National Economic Council director, has said that the current US administration is disappointed by the way China has engaged in the ongoing trade talks since they were expecting more from the Asiatic country. The meeting that will happen between the US President Donald Trump and the Chinese President Xi Jinping is expected to change plenty of things and might produce great results that will end the dispute between the two countries.

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