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Pilot Sleeps Mid Air, Overshoots Destination by 50 Kilometers

A small plane missed its landing destination in Australia by close to fifty kilometers because the pilot who was flying the plane was asleep in the cockpit, even though it was a commercial flight it was very fortunate that the pilot was the only one in the plane.

This aircraft that missed its landing destination was a Piper PA-31 that operated by vortex air. This plane was headed to the king island and has two engines with a cruising speed of about 380 kilometers per hour as well as a range of about 1900 kilometers. This plane can also carry from around five to seven people.

 In a statement by the vortex air the pilot had fallen asleep unintentionally while in command of the aircraft and that the issue surfaced after that control of the air traffic was not able to contact the pilot and also when the plane went past the destination that it was intended to land.

Also according to the airline, it was the first flight o the pilot from when he returned to work after he went on leave. Also, further reports showed that the pilot had reported for duty even though he had had little or no sleep in the previous night duet some crisis which was personal.

However, despite sleeping while flying an airplane,e the pilot was able to land safely on king island. According to the associated press which said that the vortex airline had been operating for the past twenty-five years and it usually specializes in flights of charter and also flies both freight and passengers to Tasmania.

The vortex airline also added that these occurrences of pilots sleeping while on board are very rare and there is nothing to be worried about. These company also said the pilot had declared himself fit to fly and has flown on the same route a couple of times before and also that the airline is helping the pilot to return safely to full duties.

The aircraft had left the Devin port at 6.21 am but shot past its intended destination, and the returned after flying a few miles past and then landed on the kind island.

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