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Google Could be Shutting Down Hangouts for its Consumers in 2020

Google Hangouts users could be losing their favorite communication platform soon. The platform, which is one of Google’s products, includes messaging, video chat, SMS and VOIP features. At the time of its development and launching, Google had said that Hangouts was going to be the future of the company’s telephony product, Google Voice, but this seems to change as the company is supposed to be planning to shut down the platform in 2020.

According to a report from 9-to-5Google today, the days for Google hangouts are slowly coming to an end. The platform has since been losing its features. The company even stopped updating the app, and it took the SMS messaging feature away. The change could have been part of Google’s new focus for Hangouts but now its days are numbered.

Before the shutdown, Google Hangouts will remain as a workplace communication tool in the form of G Suite’s Hangouts Chat, as well as a video conferencing platform Hangouts Meet. Before April, the time the company hinted that it was giving up on the platform, nothing much had been said or done about Hangouts for years.

In April, while announcing a new RCS Chat feature within Android messages, Google finally gave its verdict about its once-great communication platform. The company is yet to launch Chat, but the delay could be because each carrier has different timing. There are reports though that support for RCS message may be coming in early 2019, which fits the schedule for Hangouts shutdown in 2020.

The shutdown will not go so well with people who primarily use the platform within Gmail or for communication mostly with people who do not have cell phones. Google was also a significant platform in businesses. Users can, for instance, broadcast their live video online to a broad or targeted audience and even promote their video in high definition on YouTube, Google+ or even on one’s website.

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