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French authorities have started drafting over thousands of more police officers in Paris shortly ahead of the third demonstration which occurred on Saturday whereby protesters who were angry due to the high fuel prices.

In accordance to the protest, this draft was issued by the security officials as they anticipate of a renewed violence. For more than 2 weeks now, the yellow vests, according to reports have blocked most roads all over France in what they refer to as spontaneous, popular rebellion over the diesel tax which hiked once and more so the increased cost of living.

In addition to this,  as days go by, the protest seems to have grown into the largest and more so the most stubborn problems which Emmanuel Macron, an 18-month-old president is currently facing.

Nevertheless, just a week ago, more (thousands) protesters, who according to local authorities have no leader, have organized themselves largely online, and also converged in Paris, thereby turning Champs Elysees into a strong battle zone in accordance to this clashes with the police officer who in reaction firing water cannon and tear gas towards them.

In addition to the ongoing protests, Secretary General of the Alternative Police union, Denis Jacob, in a statement said that at the moment they are worried of a small groups of rioters who aren’t wearing yellow vests may be infiltrated in this demonstration and me end up fighting the security forces and more so pose a challenge to the authority of the state at large.

He also added in his statement that considering the high level of security which has been set up around the Champs, the major fear which grows among them is that these thugs may end up going to alternative places.

In a statement, the Officials concerned with the matter said that they expect additional 5,000 gendarmes and police in Paris, to add the current 3,000 who were released in Paris last Saturday. Another 5,000 gendarmes and police officers will be deployed all over the country to tackle the yellow vests protests in line.

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