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A group of students has invented a device that tracks a person’s alertness over time and wakes them up when they are at risk of falling asleep while driving. This gadget, by the name of Vigo, is probably the first wearable device that quantifies alertness and sends a vibration alert to keep someone awake while driving or even gives recommendations about when to take a break.

This device tracks patterns in blinks and body movements to alert the wearer of the gadget about when they are getting drowsy. Those who invented this device believe that it can be used to keep people awake during long work meetings and most importantly on the road.

The device is believed that it can reduce accidents which are sleep related and most often occur at the early hours and after lunch hence can save lives. With an infrared sensor, an accelerator and a smart algorithm, the device, Vigo knows you are drowsy even before you do.

Vigo examines 20 parameters in blanks and watches how the variables change. When combined with the information about the activity the person is undertaking together with their head motion, this data allows the device to measure mental energy and come up with a conclusion whether an individual is at high risk of falling asleep.

This gadget also allows people to decide when and how it helps them to stay awake when they have been idle for too long. It wakes a person up by a vibration, LED light or even a song to help them refocus in a task. Vigo starts to log data about an individual’s alertness the moment it has been worn and won’t stop functioning until the device has been taken off.

There is also an app that works with the gadget and displays essential information about the alertness using a traffic light system with green for alert and res symbolizing drowsiness to help users pick out patterns in their routine so that they can make some changes

The device weighs 20 grams and connects to a smartphone that supports Bluetooth and works like an ordinary Bluetooth headset. Therefore, it can be used to make phone calls too.

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