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Hery Rajaonarimampianina, Madagascar’s president, after the previously ended polls, conceded defeat during his second term bidding shortly after managing nearly third position during the initial (first) round of the voting in which was ongoing for a new selection of the island’s presidential sit.

By the polls, Rajaonarimampianina managed to scoop 8.82 percent during the elections held in November during the first election round. This report was given by the High Constitutional Court earlier on Wednesday. This announcement on polls round one percentage where announced behind the former presidents Marc Ravalomanana, who scooped 35.35 percent and Andry Rajoelina, who managed to scoop 39.23 percent.

The High Constitutional Court, He will not be allowed to take part in the polls second round which is due on Dec. 19. In addition to this in a court petition, the court announced the rejection of his request which he made recently on the cancellation of the concluded election.

Late on Friday, Rajaonarimampianina in a televised statement said that the people’s likeness should be respected. However, he went ahead and added in his report that If this poll’s results are not respected, then all authorities which will come afterward will not be that stable.

In addition to this, Madagascar is expecting for a peaceful second election since the upheaval in the year 2009, whereby, Ravalomanana was literary forced out of the office by protests who were led by his competitor Rajoelina in what other international organizations and African Union said was a coup.

According to the election board on the island, the Total turnout voter who was recorded as registered voters was 53.95 percent. Also, Rajaonarimampianina said that he was not going to endorse any of the candidates and that he appealed to all citizen for calm.
In his closing statement, he said that what he wishes is that the second round will bring both peace and stability to the country.

He concluded by saying that the Malagasy (people) will not see irregularities as seen in the first round. He said that the people hope this would not happen in the second round.

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