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According to recent reports, Hundreds of Central American migrants on  Friday were reported flooding into a new shelter as busloads fled the filthy flooded sports during the eve of the presidential inauguration stationed in Mexico.

According to reports, this would recast all border crisis with Donald Trump, the U.S. President. Earlier during the day, streams of migrants with heavy blankets, backpacks, and tents which were soaking wet were loaded in the buses which were departing from their original home to the shelter which was located next to the border.

In addition to this, Helicopters flew down the area a few times. These Helicopters were used in the distribution of water when it passed out and people formed lines quickly to receive this basic needs. Also, the Helicopters supplied milk and Diapers for the children in the affected areas.

However, among at least 6,000 of the migrants who had descended to the Mexican border city of Tijuana, which is located south of San Diego next to the U.S. side.

This move to the shelter was initiated shortly after the outdoor concert of the venue after the torrential rains stormed earlier in the day reducing the old shelter which was located in the area to a smelly mess and muddy area. However, relief comes after buses come in collecting people taking them to a new shelter.

Victor Manuel Ortega, a 44-year-old native of Usulutan, located in El Salvador speaking along, his wife and his two children said that he liked here. According to the survey he conducted within the area, he managed to locate a limited indoor space as other caravan migrants built simple camps just next to an open square which was located just in the middle of the property.

Argeta in a statement said that this place is nice and dry, and more so in this place, the affected had the dry blanket. And also the local authorities offered them with mattresses too. According to him, He joined this caravan in hopes of finding better job prospects as in the U.S.

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